Nova The Gladiator

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I was competing in the Swedish and World championships in fitness during the 90’s and because of that I got a phonecall from a production company year 2000, asked if I wanted to do an audition for the Swedish Gladiators on TV4. I took the chance to try something new and exciting and got the role NOVA for three seasons when the program was broadcast in Sweden.




NOVA the character was a fresh wind, a little bit flirtatious, specially with the judges, she was kind and exhibitionistic. Her strength was speed, flexible and sustained.


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After a training camp in Barbados the first year we got back to Sweden and recorded 12 shows in six days. A program took about 4-6 hours to record and the finished program was about an hour. The Gladiator show had about 1,5 million viewers every Friday night.


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The absolute most rewarding but also the most difficult part was when visiting hospitals and children with cancer, at one time there was a little boy who had not eaten for a few days, he had a drip, sat in my lap and because we were there he ate some and even took an ice cream. We sat there and just enjoyed together, the children was so happy that we were there and we where so honored to be there. Then this wonderful little boy got pain and asked me to carry him into his bed and take him to bed. Such moments fill my heart so much that it flows over both of pain and bliss at the same time. It will always be in my heart.