Anna Ugander 


Occupation: I started my first business when I was eighteen and have been self-employed working with people’s development in various ways for over twenty years. I have had healthcare company, massage education company and working as a fitness consultant, personal trainer and elite athlete.  Since 2005 I have been working as an authorized therapist with private and couples sessions, mediator in conflicts, coach, mentor and educator in Self Leadership and Spiritual growth.


Curiosities: After an elite sports career in fitness with both Swedish and World Champion qualifications I got a role as the Gladiator “Nova” on TV4 for the first three seasons in Sweden. I have driven a motorcycle back and forth to the Sahara and the North Cape. I ´m trained by shamans both in Mexico and in Sweden. 


Todays work: I do sessions in self-awareness, personal and spiritual development and Self-Mastery retreats around the world. I also have a company working with Management/Leadership Development in large companies – coaching, Leadershiprograms and education in SelfLeadership for managers both in Sweden and abroad. 


Said about me: Anna is standing with her both feet on the ground, she has a strong intuition and a captivating energy that is contagious. She has an ability to create openess and trust in a group. There is a humility and yet a powerful directness in her way of beeing. She uses an expressive body language that promotes participation in an inspiring way. Anna has presence, an ability to sense and capture what happens in the room and in the meeting see what happens “behind the facade” of each individual. She balances masculine and feminine energy and is a catalyst for personal transformation.


Work With me:

You can book me for retreats or courses in your country or in Sweden

I also have coaching sessions on skype.

Retreats & Courses 

    • Being your best Self – Personal and spiritual development to higher your consciousness and frequency
    • Mindful Living – yoga, meditation and sessions in higher consiousness and more peace within
    • Attitude, approach and manifestation – Universal Laws
    • WIP– retreat – Wisdom In Pleasure – for couples to grow closer and together
    • Heart to heart communication – Finding a compassionate relationship with yourself and others – a beautiful inner and outer dialogue

Of course flexible depending on your needs