StopApp – the app that gives you active personal development for a better life.

StopApp is a tool for raising awareness and active personal development. The symbol stoplight metaphor is based on the idea of stopping to listen to your “internal traffic” and take into account to achieve your full potential. It is a support for your internal communication and help you to get out of “autopilot” and instead choose to create new habits in your life.

What is this tool?
The app is aimed at anyone who deliberately want to develop and be present.

What do you get?
You become more present, the increased self-esteem and strengthens in this way your inner leadership and become a director of your own life. You stop and give yourself room to get in touch with your feelings and needs – then you make an active choice!

**Notice this app is in Swedish currently**

Download Link(s)
iOS – Download
Andoid – Download